Automated employee scheduling can dramatically improve the efficiency of businesses and organizations. At present, the majority of organizations worldwide, especially large ones, use manual scheduling.

Mathematically speaking, automated employee scheduling of large numbers of employees, is known to be extremely complicated. As a result, automated solutions are available only for small numbers of employees, typically 10 - 40 employees.

Number of Employees and Roles:

Usually when an application claims to be able to automatically create schedules more than 10 - 40 employees, it does so by combining the results of two or more separate schedules for two or more different roles. As a result, when two competing applications are compared, both applications must use the same number of roles. A better way to accomplish this would be to let the applications schedule the same group of employees using a single role!


The complexity of automated employee scheduling is further increased when employee constraints are introduced. A successful automated scheduling solution should be able to handle as many constraints as possible. An additional important parameter for a successful scheduling solution is speed.


Recently a major breakthrough in the field of automated employee scheduling was made at Controlnet Ltd, a company located at Omer industrial park in Israel and the owner of the present website. An automated scheduling software product called Sched4u has been created. Sched4u can automatically create schedules including constraints for groups as large as 2000 employees and more; a real revolution in the field!


Sched4u can easily create a weekly schedule for a group of 2200 employees, in which 1800 employees have the same role, whereas the other 400 employees have other role categories!

Advantages of Sched4u:

Sched4u is an advanced sophisticated automated employee scheduling software product, that can create advanced high quality schedules for a large volume of employees.

With a very high certainty, Sched4u is the best Automated Employee Scheduling software that exists today worldwide, as far as the following parameters are considered:

a. Number of employees in a schedule.

b. Speed in creating a schedule.

c. Finding a complete and accurate solution to employees imposed constraints.

d. Real time notifications for deviations from allowed schedule rules.

e. Automatically preventing mistakes when the user defines the schedule configuration.

Sched4u is suitable for businesses and organizations of any size, small medium and very large such as: Hospitals, Schools, Marketing Networks, Agriculture, Airports, Police, Heavy Industry, Security Forces etc.

Sched4u Performance:

Number of employees:

Sched4u can automatically create a schedule, for a group as large as 2000 employees and more with a click of a button!
Sched4u is the worldwide best Automated Employee Scheduling Software.

Employees Requests:

Lists of constraints that may be applied to employees in the process of creating a schedule include:

a. An employee must work in a specific shift.

b. An employee prefers to work on a specific shift.

c. An employee is not available for a specific shift.

d. An employee is not available during the week.

Additional constraints applied to all employees:

a. An employee can only work in a single shift in a 24 hour period.

b. An employee can work in any two adjacent (or non-adjacent) shifts within a 24 hour period.

Roles in a Shift:

Sched4u can create schedules for any number of required roles.