About Sched4u

The motivation to create high performance automated employee scheduling solution arose when the investor spoke about how much time and effort it takes his wife (a nurse in charge of the intensive care coronary unit in a big hospital), to create weekly schedules, indeed a very complicated task even for small groups, containing up to 20 - 40 employees.

The following is a quotation from Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/

"The nurse scheduling problem (NSP), also called the nurse rostering problem (NRP), is the operations research problem of finding an optimal way to assign nurses to shifts, typically with a set of hard constraints which all valid solutions must follow, and a set of soft constraints which define the relative quality of valid solutions.[1] Solutions to the nurse scheduling problem can be applied to constrained scheduling problems in other fields."

We at Controlnet Ltd. assembled a very talented team of scientists, mathematicians, and software developers, who were challenged to create the ultimate solution for the general problem of Employee Scheduling!

The challenge was to drastically increase the number of employees that can be scheduled automatically in shifts up to 1000 or more employees, taking into consideration as many constraints as possible and the new application must be as fast as possible!

The result of these efforts is an amazing product called Sched4u!

Sched4u is a record breaking, very fast product, capable of scheduling up to 2200 and even more employees with a set of complicated constraints.

We at Controlnet Ltd. believe that Sched4u is the best product of its kind, and that it will continue to be the best product for many years to come.

About the Leading Team

Dr. Nahum Haik, a physicist and a mathematician who worked in the most prestigious research institutes in the US and France, led the development of Sched4u.
Dr. Nahum Haik also worked as a lecturer at a University in Israel in various fields, including Control Systems. Among his other activities, Dr. Nahum Haik is known for his ability to solve very complex control problems in industry.

Engineer Moshe Haick joined the company in 2013. Moshe is a graduate of the Electrical Engineering Department at the Technion in Haifa, Israel. He has founded and managed technology companies in a variety of fields.
His last position was CEO of a public holding company, which included many companies in Israel and around the globe, with over 1000 employees and annual sales of hundreds of millions of US dollars, in the fields of software, control and automation systems, communication, electrical and electronic systems.

About Controlnet Ltd

The company was founded in 2003 and is privately owned.

The offices are located about 100 kilometers south of Tel Aviv, in the Omer Industrial Park which is a center for high-tech companies.

Controlnet Ltd. is active in a variety of areas, including:

a. Sched4u development, the company's flagship product for creating Weekly Employee Schedules.

b. Technical consultancy services to organizations in the field of control and power systems.

c. Representation in Israel of DEE Company, engaged in the design and production of pre-fabricated piping systems, in particular for Natural Gas Infrastructure, Power station and deselination plants.