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Schedule price is fixed up to 40 employees.

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About this service:

We will prepare Employees weekly schedules for you.

All you have to do is:

1. To register in Sched4u Website, without any obligation and you will get a password to download Configuration User Interface free of charge.

2. Make one-time settings such as:

a. Start and end time of each shift.

b. Define the roles of employees.

c. Enter employee's data, including scope job

d. Enter the number of workers needed for every position on every shift.

e. Enter all Employees request and click SEND.

We will send in reply a weekly work arrangement in Excel format, in compliance with all your requests!

Using the calculator on this page, you can calculate the cost of the service, depending on the number of employees and amount of work arrangements you choose to order.

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Payment process:

After you send an order, we will send you a Detailed Payment Request. You may pay this payment request by using PayPal, or by wire transfer.

When the payment is done, you can start to send your Scheduling request by using the Configuration User Interface and receive scheduling reports.

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